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Forfattaren:Lucinda Becker, University of Reading, UK ‘Having taught mature
Antal sidor: 344
Utgivningsdatum: 2012-07-27
ISBN: 9780230297876

24 août 2017 – From fresher's nerves to keeping up with the technology, three older students share their experiences.
23 mars 2017 – Sure, you're older than everyone else in your lecture, but there are plenty of reasons being a mature student is brilliant. Here are some of them.
This time, however, it was different; I was a mature student, 44 years old, starting university for the first time. Just like the younger ones starting out, I felt both daunted and excited. I was looking for something completely different in my life: a new direction, a new start.
Mature student definition is – a student at a college or university who starts studying there at a later age than usual. a student at a college or university who starts studying there at a later age than usual
The University of Toronto considers applicants based on their academic background, regardless of age. If you do not meet the published admission
A mature student is a person who begins their studies at university or college a number of years after leaving school, so that they are older than most of the people they are studying with.
Mature students are anyone over the age of 21 who didn’t go to university after school or college. Some might have taken gap years to volunteer and travel the world, while 40% of mature students are over 30 and have had work, mortgage, or family responsibilities.
The advantages of being a mature student. Mature woman working at a desk. If you've been away from education for a few years, it's quite natural to worry that
Mature students: university and funding You can study at university as a mature student even if you do not have traditional qualifications. You can also apply for funding.
Just like everyone else who applies, mature students need to demonstrate academic ability and commitment to study. ('Mature student' means 21 or over at the
Mature students are defined as any student aged 21 or over at the start of their studies. Just over a half are aged between 21 and 24, 38 per cent between 25 and 39, and 10 per cent are over 40 when they commence their courses. What are the benefits?
Mature students are anyone over the age of 21 who didn't go to university after school or Every year, thousands of mature students go to university or college.
Are you a mature student? Find out about admission requirements and finding the college programs that are right for you at
A mature student is an undergraduate student who is over 21 years old when they start their first undergraduate course. We welcome applications from mature
mature age student noun [C] uk / məˌtjʊər eɪdʒ ˈstjuː.d ə nt / us / məˌtʊr eɪdʒ ˈstuː.d ə nt / Australian English › a student at a college or university who is older than the usual age


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